soul strikers

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soul strikers

I find that there are experiences in this world that do simply that.  These experiences are soul-strikers and I have a lot of them.  I want to share them all, much like good news that instantly asks to be posted on Facebook, but deserves a much more literary rich framework.

Where do you feel these “strikings”?  Maybe you never have and I hope I can help to open your eyes to these types of occurrences.  I imagine it feels different for everyone.  For me, for example, all of the sudden my thoughts feel clear, I sit up straight and immediately feel it shoot through my heart and into my stomach.  I usually immediately send a text message to a school colleague or family member, leave caffeinated phone messages, or winded emails to any addresses I have memorized at the moment.

It’s like when you have explained a concept in 4 different ways and all of the sudden you see the light bulb appear on the face of a 9 year-old.  I guess that is a double-striker.

Regardless, this will most likely be a blog about teaching. And learning. And learning more.  I originally called it “on lifelong learning” but I realize that it is more likely someone might get exposed to my words if I avoid narrowing the view that this is purely a blog about teaching, and call it what it really is.  About realizations in life that create learning-for me and for those around me, regardless of age.  Realizations that are, maybe for a moment or for a lifetime, Soul Strikers.


4 comments on “soul strikers

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  2. spiritinmatter
    December 31, 2011

    Love the idea of soul strikers! Brilliant!


  3. Justin Nicolette
    November 5, 2011

    Love the name and the theory – can’t wait to read what’s ahead!


    • soul strikers
      November 5, 2011

      Thanks, Justin. I so appreciate creating a conversation with people, especially you!


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