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The World of Web 2.0 and Online Teaching

In other words, WHERE have I BEEN lately?

This will answer that.  Many readers may not be interested, some might skim, some might just smile and move on, and that is all fine.  I just felt the need to post my portfolio site, (with a the reflection inside) as well as my final project so others might be connected to that information.  Isn’t that what information sharing is all about?   ***I do feel like I had to, for time sake, table my creativity component, since the synthesis of techie information and the techie format I placed it in for sharing had a learning curve for me!  I wish it was more…exciting…visually appealing…with more time maybe!

This site I created in Google Sites is my portfolio of learning experiences in this introduction to online teaching.  It gave me insight into online teaching, yet I was surprised that it gave me even more insight into my own face-2-face classroom, more than anything.  It’s overwhelming, but basically it is based off of a scenario- an ideal teaching situation, and then we connect every experience from the class to how it might be adapted for our scenario.

Here is my scenario: (I have no clue why the fonts are changing…sorry about that..)

Welcome to ArTS 2.0 !

Students in grades 5-8 will experience an exciting hybrid model at this Arts & Technology charter school.  We have 2-3 classroom teachers for each grade, specializing in the core subjects.  Our school also has specialists in each of these areas: Visual Art, Drama, Movement and Physical Education, Music, World Languages, as well as a Library Media Specialist and myself, the Technology Integration Specialist. The role of the Technology Integration Specialist is to support teachers in the integration of an online component of their choice, to co-teach with teachers for their integrated component, and to co-interact with students via the online platforms.  The primary platform used will be Edmodo, with Kidblog used as a parallel discussion board for lengthier discussion assignments.


The 400 students who attend this school come from a mid-size town of about 35,000 residents. This school was established by a group of public school teachers, administrators, parents, and educational supporters from around the Seacoast of New Hampshire.  The goal was to create a rich environment of 21st Century Learning, while still maintaining a healthy balance with the human need for the arts. Most students, who are financially able, utilize “Bring your own device” (BYOD) with iTouches or Mac Books, and other learners are issued laptops for leasing.


5 comments on “The World of Web 2.0 and Online Teaching

  1. Pingback: 3 Styles of Online Teaching | doug woods

    • soul strikers
      March 21, 2012

      Thank you, Doug Woods, for connecting my work in online teaching to your excellent article outlining the 3 Styles of Online Teaching.


  2. Amy
    March 2, 2012

    I am excited (and admittedly completely overwhelmed) at the idea of incorporating web 2.0 into my teaching practices. Your experiences are motivational!


    • soul strikers
      March 3, 2012

      It is overwhelming…things are happening so fast. Thanks for checking out the site.


  3. Lindsay
    February 22, 2012

    What a world you’ve been in! I think I’m slowly coming around to this world of technology. I’d love to try the online voice activity/edmodo polls with the kids.


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