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The Liebster Blog Award

When I put my words to the screen, I suppose I did not really understand what that meant.  Today, I do. I mean, I knew I was writing because I had something to say, but honestly, I didn’t expect many people to read and I apologize for the underestimation! If you know me personally, this may come as a surprise because I am a generally confident (and probably somewhat overwhelming) person on a typical day.  But it is the literary world of blogging that provides many this venue of the unknown, a mysterious, relatively intangible “alternate universe” complete with intellectual stimulation. My favorite- intellectual mysteries!

Regardless, thank you Jan Simson for your nomination. You are an excellent writer, an old soul full of young, relevant, thought-provoking words-definitely an example of happens when one thinks deeply and takes charge of his own learning. For those of you that have not read his blog, check out Inspiration Avenue here.

Requirements for this prestigious award are: Bring to light the person who nominated you by thanking them for all to see. Post the Liebster Blog badge on your site.  Nominate five of your blogging friends who have less than 200 followers, but deserve to be recognized with praise. List them (see below) so others will find their blogs and read them. Lastly, let them know they have been nominated.

Herein lies the problem.  I read around 10 other blogs, but only 2 of them have fewer than 200 followers, including Inspiration Avenue. So, I will take this as a challenge.  I like to follow directions whenever possible, so I am going to bend these a bit to get as close as I can.  I will investigate blogs over the next few days, choose 5 that I am planning on following and then I will post them here.  This way I can shed some light on the writing talents out there, getting as close to following the directions as I can.

So as I click “Publish” now, you can all look forward to a new post this week detailing the new blogs I will be following.


What are your thoughts?

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