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Inspiring Video: A Vision of 21st Century Teachers

Sometimes videos like this stress me out- but this one highlights how technology can be integrated. I believe strongly that this is so current, engaging and important, but also that we need to not forget about our responsibility to develop whole learners. Let’s embrace the amazing tools of today, while still keeping students in touch with themselves through the creation of art, the interaction of drama, with the power of music, and the need for creative movement. We can do all this while still mixing in the newest technologies and digital resources. Let’s make this delicate balance our goal for 21st Century Learning!


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One comment on “Inspiring Video: A Vision of 21st Century Teachers

  1. Jack Haubach
    December 17, 2011

    Thanks, Jac. Since I moved from Western PA, I am all about regionalism. I immediately wanted to know where these teachers were from. Yes, off the subject, but this is how I am processing things these days. Remember, I moved to a land that is full of different regionals: New Englanders and NYCers, Michiganers and Valley Girls and Boys who are former educators.

    On message, it IS truly about incorporation. In my experience, there were three types of reaction to the introduction of technology into the classroom. first were the “it makes ME smarter” crowd. Those who were out of ideas by Wednesday at noon and were scouring the school for a film and projector because the kids were bored already.

    Second was those who learned everything they needed in four years of teacher training. If it didn’t exist then, it was suspect now. Technology was a “pinko” plot to replace them.

    Thirdly, there was the teacher who ran extension chords everywhere (much to the consternation of the safety officer from the district) trying to get every advantage for their students who’s individual needs could be well supplemented with the right technology.

    I am proud to be in the #3 category, Jac, as you may well figure. Yes, I had to throw out a “safety” guy from my room who came in unannounced and began wrapping up power cables. I never saw him again. If you don’t remember my stories about cables hanging my classroom ceiling and down the halls, ask me.



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