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Process. It’s a process. Let’s all stop to process.

I know.  After two weeks, you are all probably thinking, she lost momentum- had nothing to say.

In truth, I had so much to say, I could not even sift through my daily life to piece thoughts together, pull thoughts apart- create coherent writing, to say the least.  After a few weeks of immersing myself in the tech-o-sphere (see my previous post on my habit of obsessions), experimenting with the Blogging-commenting-Twitter-webinar-everything-on-the-screen-world, I realized something.

I couldn’t think!  Rather, I wasn’t giving myself enough process time.  There is only so much information one can take in, via ANY mode, before needing the time to PROCESS.  I think we forget that, as adults, and switch ourselves into overload on any given day.  At one point, I felt I was processing through writing, and I was! But sitting here allows me access to all the other blinking icons and tabbed pages and tweeting noises and floating windows and message dings…. No level of attention deficit can handle that and I certainly fit THAT profile.  I talked to a technologically proficient, high-energy colleague like myself, and asked her if she had ever done any of the #edchats on Twitter.  She just looked at me and said, “Do you ever turn off, teach?”  I have heard this before- so I took this comment to heart as advice, not as a compliment.  A good teacher should turn off- the best I know do this very very well.  I have so much to learn from them…

So of course, this brings us to a new discovery- (thank you, processing time!)  Clearly I am feeling an itch to stretch out, network, read, learn, communicate, and repeat.  Clearly I feel an importance to do this- and most of it does not directly relate to the lessons I will teach or activities I will guide tomorrow.  Perhaps I am out there in the jungle, with my machete (I have always loved that word- I remember learning it in 9th grade, too….) slicing through the flora, dodging the fauna, and arriving here and there at the desired fruit.

I am my father’s daughter.  I am a magnet for problem-solving and will seek to find the answer, or at least the right tools, until I am satisfied.  Usually, at this point, I begin to lose interest because I am on to the next leaky faucet.  Like blogging magic, I was reading a post this week that completely explained what I feel I work with every day.  It’s short and sweet, from a Superintendent in California.  Read it before you read on.

There are “leaky sinks” all over my school and I really want to fix them.  The problem is? It’s a full time job.  And it is not mine.  We have plenty of capable, exceptional even, educators there that can solve each of these problems successfully and creatively.  There just isn’t time and it takes too long- By the time everyone knows how to use the Smart Boards and Smart Projectors we are so blessed to have…worthwhile time and technology opportunities for students will have been lost. It is has become increasingly obvious that it needs to be someone’s job to be the eyes and ears of Curriculum, Technology and Arts Integration to assure that all students receive differentiated, relevant lessons and assignments.  Someone to research, be trained and help teachers day to day- not just once year at a 2 hour workshop or during a 2-hr professional development day where half gets swallowed up by the floating details of the week.  Talented educators are working like crazy, all over our school- and I am willing to bet in SO many other schools!– in such a devoted magical way- yet there are enough leaky faucets that cause a flood here and there.  We have excellent resources and could use them even better to keep the flow.

I am wondering if I spend so much time swimming in thinking beyond my classroom because it is where I need to be.  What does that look like?  Well, forming those ideas will have to wait because, like a good little girl, I have set limits for myself on the computer and I am 3 minutes shy of that.


3 comments on “Process. It’s a process. Let’s all stop to process.

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  2. The Ed Buzz
    November 4, 2011

    Thanks for the kind thoughts. I know it all gets overwhelmingly frustrating from time to time, bit it’s because you care. Keep up the good work – it’s worth it.


    • SoulStrikers
      November 5, 2011

      Thank you. I really enjoy reading your posts- it is helpful for me to read about administrators around the country and see things from their point of view- It’s important for me to understand it, while remaining quite happy with my students within my own 4 walls.


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