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Balanced…Part two: suddenly noticing my new “whirled”…

If someone were to do a piece on “A Day in the Life of a Teacher”, today would be an excellent one to find me, to represent the whirling thoughts, experiences and emotions that so many of us swim in each day.

Rising early in the morning, attending a union meeting to discuss ways to send positive messages to the town, gathering 4th graders and parents to ride north to hike mountain, returning to school to lead Cross Country runners on our final week of practice, jumping in the car to meet friends and colleagues at Barnes & Nobles to hear Ralph Fletcher discuss kids and writing and his new book…arriving home to make dinner and shave off a layer of dishes, laundry, squeezing in time with husband, reading blogs and education articles, forming a new post, and realizing that I do not see my husband anymore…and I have new books to read!

I may need to start getting up at 5 am to incorporate the newer technological, literary, and leadership components of this world if I am going to maintain my marriage. :)   (read these quick bios from Teaching Ahead: The Roundtable about teacher leaders, the time, and the impact… at all levels).

At any rate, I found myself thinking about balance so many times today.  Hiking with the kids on the mountain today, I considered balance of pace, for all ability levels to enjoy the cardio-workout as well as nature’s sounds and moments.  At the author meeting today with Ralph Fletcher, I mentioned to him that I strive to create balance for my boy writers, a delicate one between choice and teacher guidance.  I purposefully made dinner first tonight so that I could enjoy time with my husband before I entered into my newborn nightly routine of reading blogs and articles, found through Twitter and WordPress…and those link to something else, and to another link, and so on… And all the while I write, working to focus on producing the thought I set out to put into print.  I think there might have been 4-5 text messages in there, talking to colleague friends about an amazing and flattering opportunity to have dinner with some experts in the world of literacy.

Yet looking back?  It didn’t matter that dinner was made first-it still ended up the same. We told each other about our days- always filled with clarifying explanations, thus are the discussions between a power plant engineer-type and teacher… But then it was over.  Law & Order CI in background and I was on my Ipad, catching up on the blogs and articles of the day in the education world- everything from ESEA, to technology integration, to teaching the Whole Child, and re-inspiring vocabulary instruction.  The scary thing is? I did not even scratch the surface.

So before I go find my husband, who “took out the trash” almost an hour ago after sending me wordless messages that he misses me, I leave myself and you all with a thought.  Guaranteed students across the country tonight spent hours online, on SmartPhones, texting, receiving information, all mixed with homework, fall athletics, music practices and hopefully family.  But truly?  I doubt there is a lot of balance happening in the world today.  It doesn’t matter that technology is moving so quickly- we need to help it finds its place, otherwise we are closer to being ruled by machines than we think.


One comment on “Balanced…Part two: suddenly noticing my new “whirled”…

  1. Jan Simson
    October 20, 2011

    Wonderfully written, very insightful. I definitely believe that we need to tackle this whole balance thing, because we tend to go with “the flow” too much, and usually, “the flow” doesn’t conform to our balanced needs. Great post! Cheers.


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