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Part one…on finding balance among all things, crayons, even….

Lying on the carpet, shag probably, watching the large wooden-boxed t.v. while coloring is the earliest memory that came to mind when I thought about balance vs. overload today.  Engaging shows like 3-2-1 Contact or The Electric Company were on but I distinctly remember always doing something else when a show was on. (my early years of multi-tasking I assume).  I knew I wanted to watch the show, but I also wanted to color, so why not do both?  As I pulled out each crayon to add to my masterpiece, I remember thinking carefully about my choices- purple? no…lots of girls choose purple….pink? Do I even like pink? I think I am supposed to….no pink. Then, I pull out my favorites- black and brown.  A friend asked me, one of these times, “Why those colors?” And I replied something to the effect of, “Well, I feel bad for them- no one ever uses them, they are never anyone’s favorite colors.  Plus they are useful because they can outline things, and brown is really needed for outdoor pictures.” (umm…yeah-my bridesmaid’s dresses were brown)

There are probably HOURS of psychology that could be derived from my crayon sorting, but 2 things stick out in my mind.  One- I loved those t.v. shows and find it interesting that this is my earliest memory of multi-tasking and- Two- 25 or so years later I distinctly remember that I was trying to balance my crayon choice, or even create crayon equality.  A balance among all crayons, if you will, so that all could be used for the best purpose possible and feel useful as well.

So, it makes me wonder, does balance create equality?  (hmm. Ask yourself- is fair also equal?) All weekend, I absorbed myself in articles, blogs, letters, Tweets, videos, my writing and thinking…and observing..and became so overwhelmed that I could not identify or pinpoint the actual emotions I felt.  My gut told me that it was clearly an imbalance because I had just spent more time on the computer in a few days than I had in……….well……..who knows? But I also might argue it was fair of me to read and gather so much information, since I should really only opine when well-informed by a large sample of information.

Information is moving so quickly that the receiving, processing, thinking, discussing, -repeat x2 or x3-inferring, synthesizing, concluding and opining is a full on Olympic sport for the brain!  Not only that, I installed TweetDeck (puts all social net. sites in one place: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. etc….) on my computer and during the drafting of this post I could see between 6-8 little windows fluttering into the upper right corner, with a twittery sound attached, and thankfully some of them are cute pictures of friend’s babies, but most were headlines or questions- adding to my already Olympic mental processing race, AND DO NOT FORGET I am still writing this post and trying to stay on topic.

Despite that fact that I set out today starting to write about balancing technology in personal, professional, and pedagogical life, now I have new headlines running across my brain before I have even finished! Here are the real samples of what layered my thoughts over just the past few minutes.

  • Blog: N.Y. Education Department Proposes $2 Million to Curb Cheating #districts
  • Thinkers and Thinking: How They Did It, How You Can, Too A Guide to Stimulate Thinking for All Learners
  • What can schools do to help keep struggling minority kids out of special education?
  • Are you supporting the development of lifelong learners? Whole Child Programs director Molly McCloskey discusses


Two of those in particular catch my interest, but I need to complete one intelligent thought before I can move on right?!? Yes! Of course I do.  Otherwise- what use is this information overload?

With all this information available at blink, how do I create balance for my poor eyes, brain, soul, body (for sitting here)?

To be explored, in Part Two…….

And PS If you are stressed out after reading this well SO AM I!!!  Begin building your thoughts for how to balance a world so thirsty for real emotions and art that lives in a fast paced educational beltway!  And consider the path of the Digital Age…


2 comments on “Part one…on finding balance among all things, crayons, even….

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  2. Jessica
    October 17, 2011

    Very well said…you know I’ve been ruminating about the same thing lately. Let me know when you find the balance :)


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