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Too many soul strikers to type…

I wrote at least 3 posts in my head today while I was teaching, running, and battling it out in a soccer game.  Actually, it may have been 4.  Regardless, I had a handful of Soul-Striking moments today- from the sun through the mist, to an epiphany about the source of my energy, through a seamless, productive morning of teaching & learning, followed by 3 miles with 14 middle schoolers…all tied up in a neat bow by a heading that I read on the cover of a magazine… I wish I could write them all, but 11 pm after this 16 hr day is my max. So this brief memory of a super day will have to suffice.

Amazing students make strong efforts to be learners in my classroom, I have great colleagues and I love my husband and kitty.  And do not forget the therapeutic factor of $1 tempeh tacos and an IPA at the Brewery.  Despite my exhaustion, I am psyched to wake up tomorrow.

I will need a reminder to re-read this post some time in February or March ok?


What are your thoughts?

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