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Happy Birthday, Soul Strikers OR A Timeline: Look How Far I’ve Come

Soul Strikers turned 2 a few weeks ago.  Had I not been in the whirlpool of returning to the classroom after dropping my baby and a chunk of my heart off at baby school (I prefer this word to day care…) I might have properly celebrated. Regardless, one of my favorite elements of a new … Continue reading

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Wordle by Jeff Dunn @edudemic

Content & Skills Before Tools: Build Tool Fluency!

Every time I read an article that really strikes home with me regarding Web 2.0 tools, it tends to mention something along this theme: Content and skills NEED to come before tools- tools provide the means. Last week I made a list of tools that I was committing to this year in order to keep … Continue reading

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Achieving the UDL: Arts, Technology & Geometry

From Kindergarten through Grade 6, a Common Core focus is for students to master 2-Dimensional shapes.  During grades 1-3, this is supported by students honing in on reasoning with shapes and their attributes.  Below are some suggestions to build this understanding for your students with the UDL in mind. These arts and technology based activities … Continue reading

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image by Giulia Forsythe

The Universal Design for Learning…Has a nice ring, doesn’t it?

*cover image by Giulia Forsythe- click here to visit her Visual Practice art notes Education is guilty of tossing handfuls of buzz words and acronyms like candy off a fire truck during a parade. They change with the times and are thrown around so much to the point that one may want to throw them all UP. … Continue reading

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The De-Isolation of Teachers (Part 3): Making the Day COUNT

We’ve all been there. It’s a few days before a school-wide professional day, and the casual discussion begins. “Do we even know what we are doing that afternoon?” “Well, I think there is a vertical team meeting for math at the high school, but not sure about elementary or special ed…” “I heard the unified … Continue reading

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